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A wonderfully evocative story of a young Victorian woman and her journey into the dark corners of sexual imagination. Beatrice through a rich and intriguing landscape, learning the joys and rewards of erotic dominance and submission. The characters and places pictured take you to a hidden world of sensuality and excess, and Beatrice becomes the lady to lead you on...

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987392015
Date : February 2014
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 172

Customer Reviews
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Beautifully written, it was a pleasure to read, no pun intended. I couldn't put it down, the fact that it has a Victorian flare made it all the most interesting, it makes your imagination fly. Highly erotic with beautifully chosen words. A must read. I will be certainly re-reading it myself.

A beautifully written book. Erotic, not pornographic
This is an amazing book with believable characters and a wonderful storyline. I am an author of erotic fiction, and I find Beatrice a constant source of inspiration. Studying the book, I am sure that it was written by a woman in the late eighteen hundreds. Beatrice is a wonderful character. Although feminine and delicate, she can be cruel and hard. I can only describe the bondage and spanking scenes as beautiful. A truly brilliant piece of work. Well worth reading.

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Jacqueline George
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