Goering Cross-Examined
Jacqueline George

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When Field Marshall Hermann Goering, Deputy Führer and commander of the Luftwaffe, appeared before the Nuremburg Tribunal in 1946 to answer for his crimes, the world was watching. Much of Europe had directly suffered through the war that he and the Nazi system had brought to the continent, and now he would have to answer for his crimes.
Here, in the actual words spoken at the time, is the story of the American prosecutor Robert Jackson and his British colleague David Maxwell-Fyfe fighting to bring the true story of Goering’s crimes into the light. All three men, and especially Goering, jump from the pages in the words they used seventy years ago.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780992455736
Date : June 2014
Edition : ebook, print
Pages : 218

Customer Reviews
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This very readable book brings together the many strands of the Goering war crimes trial in a way that allows the interested but legally challenged reader to appreciate the hubris and depravity of the Reich's Deputy Führer.
     The reader is left with the impression that Goering, throughout his trial, believed in the righteousness of the Nazi Cause and was surprised and disappointed in the final outcome. Goering's testimony to the Tribunal is both chilling and a fitting final testimony to the Nazi era. ~ Charles Gillman-Wells

A View From Inside World War II Germany - Great Read!
An intriguing and informative look at European World War II history. An excellent read! Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about this era, especially about the behind the scenes functioning of the Nazi regime. ~ Raymond F Phelan
A Monster in His Own Words September By
Although I know who Goering was, I was not familiar with his background. This book does a nice job of bringing that together in a highly readable synopsis at the start of the book...read more
This is a very interesting book, being both serious
This is a very interesting book, being both serious and readable. You get to see Goering as a real person, both interesting and repellent. ~ Greg
Fascinating and Engaging
I've always had an interest in WWII and especially the sociological and psychological implications of the horrors that were perpetrated and how it was made possible by the culture. This book delves into the psychology of Goering...read more

Jacqueline George

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