Looking at Me
Jacqueline George

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Two lovers separated by distance, compose fun memoirs that are part fact, part fiction and a lot of fantasy. They use these to enjoy phone-sex. Years later, these writings surface, and the history of this love-story weaves many elements together.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987169501
Date : September 2011
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 150

Customer Reviews
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Sensuously Awesome
I've read this book and I would like to say it was worth the read. Both Annabel Gold and Jacqueline George have collaborated in a wonderful erotic story. It is like a combination between love letters and "hot sex on a platter", if you know what I mean. The tempo of the story never changes and the anticipation will keep you going throughout the story. I recommend you buy this book. You won't regret it. ~ Ray

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Jacqueline George
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