Gemma Parkes, Jocelyn Modo, Cindy Jacks & Jacqueline George             
Do you believe in magically ever after?
Enchanted is the second, long awaited anthology of erotic stories from Yellow Silk. Four of the best writers of modern erotic fiction have created a different story of the magical enchantment of love and passion. Excellent story telling, guaranteed to stimulate not just the mind...(more)
Submit to Me!!   Gemma Parkes                                

David is about to discover how to please his demanding partner, Joseph takes pain with pleasure from a harsh Mistress, and Becky finds a kindred spirit with a lust for kinky Medieval sex...
     Indulgent, erotic and very sexy,
Submit to Me! is a trio of delicious stories of exotic sex from the pen and deliciously naughty imagination of Gemma Parkes...(more)...
Working for Jeremy    
                Jacqueline George                                
What do you do when a rich and attractive man offers you dinner and serious amounts of money to give him a very good time indeed? That is the dilemma facing Shirley when she moves to London and takes a new job. Naturally she is dismissive, but when she understands just how much money the big, tough Aussie office manager gets for her evenings out...(more)
I Wish I Might        Jocelyn Modo                               

Lady Calixte is known for spending her nights in the company of handsome spaceforce pilots so when her home planet is invaded and her bed found empty, no one questions her whereabouts. Who would guess she’d stowaway on a ship to plead for help from the most feared man in the galaxy?
     Leader Sarin has fought many battles. Now he wonders what is left worth fighting for. Until, that is, the daring Lady Calixte arrives...(more)
New this week, another sexy book by Gemma Parkes Fevered Kisses
Romance, and hot sex from the mistress of kink.
A great read...
The Doctor's Daughter    Chris Kalyta                               

In 1812, Lieutenant Lawrence Orr is defending the Canadas from an American invasion. Grievously injured, he finds himself falling for the two women tending him. Will he choose the doctor's daughter, a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman who matches him socially?
Or will it be her thoughtful and lovely maid?..(more)
Beatrice ~ A Victorian Classic   
In this famous novel, Beatrice is introduced to the dark world of dominance and submission. A delightful picture of her society and times, and the hidden eroticism that leads her on a journey of exploration.
Beatrice along the way, blossoming into a powerful and beautiful force of nature, leading and dominating those around her...(more)
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Europe in Love
Jacqueline George

Four beautiful and romantic stories from a mistress of the Good Life. Colourful, erotic, a wonderful blend of European places and history (more)...
The Venus School
Golden Angel
Want to try some kink in a safe environment? A little bondage with someone you trust? Learn how to give a good flogging? The Venus School of Sex is the place for you.  When Jessica enrolls, eager to explore her fantasies of BDSM, she has no idea that two of her co-workers are going to be there (more)...

Fevered Kisses
Gemma Parkes
A collection of romantic stories told as only Gemma Parkes can tell them - hot, spicy and guaranteed to bring a smile to even the coldest heart.(more)...
   Christmas is Coming!
Venus Aspiring
Golden Angel
Jessica Swift returns from the Venus School to find the two instructors she'd fallen for actually work at the same company as her. Fantasies and desires of her surreal two weeks at the school clash with the reality of wanting both men, especially since she'd not even sure if the men she fell for are real. (more)...
Midsummer Dreaming
Rebecca Lorenson
On a midsummer's night, anyone can dream. Rebecca Lorenson takes us on two dreamy voyages, guided by Puck, the magical person who brings romance for some and mischief for others (more)...
Memories & Kisses
Muffy Wilson
Old memories are like old red wine - all the richer for time passed. And the kisses taste sweeter too. Three romantic and very sexy stories take us back to things as they once were, and forward to the wonderful times to come (more)...
It's time to celebrate, and to help you, here is a collection of 6 books - for the price of 1 - $2.99!

Spicy reading to keep you warm on a snowy night, or to give as a sexy present.

[Suitable for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and all mobile devices.]
Stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave, Adrian Greene has more on his fevered mind than praying for rain and getting home. With little else to do, his thoughts stray to a better time in his life-his youth and an adventurous three years spent with his first boyfriend. If there’s one thing he longs for, it’s a chance to relive it all.... (more)
The Jock     Blak Rayne                               
Blood, Sweat and Black Leather  
                Pablo Michaels                                
Gabriel, young and beautiful, returns to save Damien - at a price
Hallowe’en sweeps into San Francisco on the winds of a typhoon, and brings with it the dark and beautiful Gabriel, walking impossibly along the top of a fence. He is strong and youthful