Where Gold Lies
Jacqueline George

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After Captain Flint dies in Savannah from the effects of yellow fever and too much rum, young Dick Brown and his pirate shipmates set out to find Flint's treasure. Their quest leads them first to England and then back to the Caribbean, searching for Flint's vital chart.

There, on the island where Flint buried untold wealth in gold and jewels, Long John Silver, Dick Brown and the pirate crew struggle to win control of the chart. They finally succeed, but will their victory bring them the riches they dream of? Or will Dick find that there is more to life than gold, and that true love has a value far beyond sparkling jewels?

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780980548426
Date : February 2014
Edition : ebook, print
Pages : 172

Customer Reviews
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Fascinating and Engaging
The Author is a descendant of Dick Brown, one of the infamous Captain Flint’s crew. She is very curious about the man she knew as a respected minister. Dick Brown led a very adventurous life before finding...read more                                                                                               

We all love Treasure Island.  It is the first book I remember my mother reading to me (how scared I was!)  The story is a part of our history, and I love it so well that I wanted to tell it again, from the standpoint of a young pirate, who might just have been family. ~ Jacqueline
Beautifully written, and cleverly put together
Jacqueline George’s pirate tale, Where Gold Lies, is well worth reading. Although it is far from a typical romance - and further from what you expect to discover between the pages of a ‘historical romance’...read more

Jacqueline George

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