Making Waves
Gemma Parkes

Mandy knew that it would take more than a short holiday to a quiet seaside town to turn her struggling relationship with long time partner John into one of passion and honesty. But when help and advice was offered from a voyeuristic stranger by dubious means, it opened the floodgates to her inner desires and darkest fantasies.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987392060
Date : October 2012
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 65

Customer Reviews
Good read!
The young woman in this story seems to have reached a crossroads in her life where she has realized she's tired of suppressing her desires.
In comes a stranger, a sex therapist, who changes all that for her, allowing her to embrace what she needs and provide the same for some of his other clients.
I loved the twist at the end where it appeared at first that the woman was paid to assist in fulfilling others needs but when you get to the last bit you see where in reality this is simply an act of the heart rather than a monetary transaction. ~ Gina Kincade
Deliciously dirty...
I admit I am a Gemma Parkes fan. She has such a deliciously dirty mind, and she can write. In Making Waves, she tells the story of a woman trapped in a ho-hum relationship and what she does about it. Exciting story, and it left me wanting MORE! ~ Jacqueline George

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