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Yellow Silk Dreams
     The big bad wolves of the literary world are the traditional publishing houses. They were brought up in a world where they could control everything. The number of books that were printed, the countries in which they could be sold, the retail price of each book, everything. Even the authors.
     Times have changed, and now over 99% of books out there by-pass the old system. Literally anyone can write a book and sell it as an ebook or even a print-on-demand paperback. Of course, that is not publishing. Producing books is one thing, and selling them is quite another. Traditional publishers are good at selling books; independent authors are not.
     That is where Yellow Silk Dreams comes in. We are a group of independent authors who have a track record of writing good books and have come together to help each other produce good quality sexy romance, and set it before the public. Click one of the titles below to see what we do...

     I cannot finish without mentioning the people who help us succeed - Rob Corrigan the marketing expert, Q~Press Publishing who produce our books, and Dr Zed the edistributor.
Titles from Yellow Silk Dreams
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