Submit to Me!
Gemma Parkes

Three adult stories of sexual control from the pen of Gemma Parkes
- David is about to discover how to please his demanding partner
- Joseph takes the pain with the pleasure from a harsh mistress
- Becky finds a kindred spirit and a lust for kinky medieval sex.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987169556
Date : June 2012
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 22

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Gemma Parkes’ erotic anthology, Submit To Me! – Three Tales of Sexual Submission, is a well-written collection of sensually-oriented BDSM vignettes. The first recounts a prolonged sexual liaison that the woman initiated by provocatively declaring two days previously, “Tie me up, I want to be your slave.” The naughty coupling includes elements of ice, wax and impact play that are mild enough to not run off readers with somewhat genteel sensibilities.
The second story is a sort of fantasy femdom scenario in which a young man is brought to the chamber of a mysteriously powerful woman to account for bedding her “beautiful maidens”. Basically his comeuppance entails being humiliated by being stripped, bound, sensually flogged, sexually teased, and brought to orgasm via anal penetration by a beguiling mistress. Oh the horror! Doubtless he’ll never do that again now that he knows the consequences.
The final tale has a little more substance to it than pure erotica. It chronicles the early stages of a romance that begins with a chance meeting at a medieval convention. A newly acquainted man and woman are enraptured by an exhibit with a female dummy kneeling with her head and wrists secured to a wooden stock. That vision fuels their growing sexual attraction and soon they retire to Brad’s apartment to consummate their lust. Becky never goes home and before long they commission a carpenter to build a wooden stock for their personal use. Prior to the curtain falling, Becky and Brad take their new toy for a trial run in grand style. ~ Jim Lyon

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