Midsummer Dreaming
Rebecca Lorenson

On a midsummer's night, anyone can dream. Rebecca Lorenson takes us on two dreamy voyages, guided by Puck, the magical person who brings romance for some and mischief for others.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780992455743
Date : May 2014
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 101

Customer Reviews
Puck is Back!
This was an exciting and wistful read for me. I suffered A Midsummer's Night Dream at high school but came to love it when I first saw it on stage - and now Puck is back! Yay! And you know what? He's quite a nice guy, as long as you stay on the right side of him. Always ready to help modern damsels in distress, as he does in these stories. Sweet, and very definitely sexy stories that certainly lit my light. ~ Jacqueline George

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