Blood, Sweat & Black Leather
Pablo Michaels

Gabriel, young and beautiful, returns to save Damien - at a price. Hallowe’en sweeps into San Francisco on the winds of a typhoon, and brings with it the dark and beautiful Gabriel, walking impossibly along the top of a fence. He is strong and youthful, looking no older than the young Gabriel Damien had pursued years before. And he brings a promise for Damien – youth, beauty and love eternal…
Damien is aging. He lives in a gay community suffering the ravages of AIDS. As he goes to his Hallowe’en meeting with Gabriel in the cemetery, he knows he cannot resist the chance of a new life. But what sort of life? And what will be the cost?
This dark and twisted tale blends the paranormal world with a powerful romantic and erotic theme to produce an unsettling story that will stay with the reader long after he has finished reading.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780992455767
Date : November 2014
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 67

Customer Reviews
Seductive and ImaginativeBy 
Sensuous and erotically seductive is the only way to describe this very creative love story. I immediately established an emotional connection with Damian who clearly lusts for love but is unsuccessful in rekindling his romance with his former lover. The mysterious and sexy Gabriel captivates Damian and summons him more
Dark, Sensuous, and Lusty
Dark, sensuous, and lusty! That's the only way I can best describe this short story. The main character Damien is aging in a world surrounded by youthful beauty; he's lost the man he loved, and he has no idea where he's heading. Until Gabriel brings him the answer. I read this book in an evening; it's wonderfully descriptive, intense, and sexy. If you're into gay paranormal, you'll love it! ~ AinoKusabi
Whimsically Erotic
It has been a long time since I have read anything written by Pablo Michaels and I would have to say that during his stages of writing it was his earlier unpublished work that I loved the best and I am overjoyed to see that he is getting back to his old style but with more finesse and more
Love, Passion, and the Paranormal
Not only is the cover amazing, but the story that unfolds beneath is at once erotic and dark. Damien is an aging man trying to deal with lost love, his changing body, and memories he'd like to erase. Pablo Michaels does an excellent job of reeling you in with exciting characters and a story-line that makes you think. He weaves love, passion, and the paranormal into an intriguing story that you will love. ~ Amazon Customer
Stark, Dark and Fabulous Reading ~ You'll LOVE it!!
I love the cover on this book, which originally attracted me to the story, and it effectively reflects the wonderful dark nature of the story within. It is heartbreaking, to know and live through such an aging longing and loneliness. The struggle of the lead character, Damien, to reconcile his naturally aging body with his more

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