Moonbeams of Unintended
Muffy Wilson

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780994346216
Date : June 2015
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 93

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Sensual, passionate, timeless....
Muffy Wilson makes the reader feel as though he/she is in the room with all the characters. This lovingly written story of love, family and healing is so well told, you will find it hard to put down. Your heart will long for more and you wants to continue reading. Reading it out-loud with my partner makes it more real than reading in silence. It is a story of love, sacrifice and transcendence - enough to mend a broken heart. I highly recommend this book. ~ Yoong "Book Worm"
Metaphorically unusual!
This is an erotica like no erotica I’ve ever read before. The book is written with lots of metaphorically sensuous language, which is in itself an erotic experience. The love story of Jordan and Mason, their two separate families and the price of coming together, gave this erotica another unusual twist. There’s heat, passion, love and strong family commitment. Enjoy! ~ Hawk
Love between Strangers: A Timeless Romantic Expression
This book is a wonderful characterization of love between strangers, a timeless romantic expression that brings all lovers to the same destiny. This is the story of struggle, the telling of a long kept secret, the humbling sublimation of asking for help, the private struggles of a man torn by love and pained by loss. It is the story of how children can knit broken lives together with love and the ancient, precocious innocence that only children possess. It is the story of growth, love, passion and submission.
It is a story of the struggle between love and acceptance with a poetic elegance similar to that of Jane Austen. And I loved it from the dedication to the final page. ~ PA Jiuditta
You will plead with the author to reconcile their love. I kept asking the author as I read
Muffy Wilson’s eloquent prose in her newest book is a milestone in romance novels. She weaves a unique plot that will keep your interest page after page. Jordan is the mother of a daughter, Lily, who is in very ill. When her former lover brings a new dimension to the story, you will plead with the author to reconcile their love. I kept asking the author as I read, will Lily’s innocence bring Jordan and her lover back to the love they once enjoyed? You will find how Lily, both with her illness and innocence can spark the flames to refuel the passion of love from the past. Muffy’s descriptions and imagery goes beyond the realm of prose to poetry. The dialogue is outstandingly believable. When I read scenes of interaction in her book, I felt I was in the room with the characters. You will love this story and the amazing talent of Muffy Wilson. I give 5 Stars to Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences. ~ Pablo Michaels
Romantic, sexy, but so much more...
Muffy asked me to give this book a critical reading pre-release, and I was pleased to find it is a book with a full plot and a range of realistic characters. Romantic, yes; sexy, yes; but so much more. A book you can get your teeth into. ~ Jacqueline George
I fell in love with from the beginning to the end of this ...
This story takes the reader on a pleasurable cruise of a renewed romance brought to the reader from the past of two characters. I fell in love with from the beginning to the end of this book. Muffy Wilson as the captain brings us passion and hopes for renewed love through the descriptions she intricately blends, savoring our palettes with delicacies we never forget. We are catered to hopes for a cure for Jordan’s daughter and what it might mean to her long lost lover. Complications seem insurmountable, but with each turn of the page, a new horizon is seen, bringing a mood for hope and continued passion between the main character, Jordan, her daughter, Lily, and the man from her past, who will steal your heart with his compassion, love, and understanding. I was blind by the interracial relationship, observing the man who is more than an ordinary man. He gives us hope for Jordan and Lily. Muffy guides us through treacherous obstacles, only to restore our wishes for her sacred love and survival of her daughter and the resolution of a love affair from the past that is renewed with each page I turned. I full-hearted give Moonbeams and Unintended Consequences 5 Stars and thoroughly recommend it book to everyone. ~ Michael Jordan
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Venus Transcedent
Would the only man she could turn to help, as the secrets of the past reveal her betrayal?