Three Jewels
Chris Kalyta

Imhotep the Vizier, must choose one of three wives. The choice will not be easy…
Three Jewels is an erotic fantasy-adventure set in Ancient Egypt. As an evil and supernatural being rears its head in the southern lands of Nubia and turns its gaze upon the Land of the Nile, Imhotep, the king's trusted vizier and friend, faces his own more immediate crisis. He must choose a wife and he must choose carefully, for the queen has ordered the deaths of the two not chosen.
Imhotep's life is not as simple as it could be. As Vizier to King Djoser, First King of the 3rd Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, Inhotep has many responsibilities and obligations. So when he has to deal with the First Queen's declaration that he select a wife from one of three women, he is not overly troubled. However, the announcement that the women he does not choose will be executed does make things more difficult. And the schemes of the Second Queen put even more strain upon Imhotep. When a supernatural and malevolent being, claiming to be the god Set, invades Egypt can Imhotep set all other matters aside and deal with this new seemingly invincible threat? Three Jewels is an erotic fantasy-adventure set around the year 3600 B.C. 18+

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780992455781
Date : April 2015
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 189

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