Europe in Love
Jacqueline George

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Four beautiful and romantic stories from a mistress of the Good Life. Colourful, erotic, a wonderful blend of European places and history.
From the sophistication of Paris to the Carpathians in war time,from modern Bremen to ancient Hungary, Jacqueline paints rich, erotic pictures of love and romance in the Old World.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 978-0-9922984-7-0
Date : November 2013
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 47

Customer Reviews

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Loved it!   
Fantastic collection of short wicked, intense & sensual stories that I’ve enjoyed reading from start to the finish. What I liked most is the variety and one story in particular outshone the others.
I giggled, bit my lip and couldn’t put the book down… Loved it! I really liked Fabian and his ‘perverted’ mind… Lucky Deena… Put it that way, it gave me few ideas and I couldn’t wait for my man to come home from work. ~ Aneta28

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Jacqueline George
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