A Walk on the Wild Side
Jacqueline George

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In a surprising modern development, there has been a flurry of novel writing by women on gay romance. I don’t buy it. Most of the ones I have looked had have characters who might look like men, but are actually thinly disguised women at heart. Fine, but no-one takes it seriously.
Still, I am as curious about gays and their attitudes as anyone else. Also about that playing field of sex where the straight and the gay slip and merge into each other. Here are four stories that I hope are exciting and fun to read, and are also The Real Thing.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987392084
Date : October 2012
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 62

Customer Reviews
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Wow - this is a surprise. Jacqueline is certainly walking on the wild side with this book. Spicy stories and quite surprising. I think they will stay with me for a while! ~ Netti

Sexy Sexy Sexy!
Wow, l enjoyed these naughty stories very much (and the hot pictures included!) There is lots of variety for those of us who like to experiment, and Jacqueline walks us through all the excitable decadence with her usual flair for words. Would love to know how this girl does her research! ~ Gemma Parkes

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Jacqueline George

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