Jacqueline George

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Down a disused Devon lane, Virginia discovers John, a handsome gypsy living in a traditional horse-drawn caravan, an idyllic piece of Old England. He has a dog and a horse, and makes baskets, but there is more to him than meets her eye. He is an educated man who has chosen a simple life. The more Virginia learns of him, the more interesting he becomes.

His companion Sally has her own caravan nearby, and the two of them show Virginia a world that she had never dreamt of before. Their exotic way of living fascinates her, and John is very hard to resist. His music and his cooking add to his attraction, and Virginia begins to fall under his spell. Then one magic evening, her life begins to change...

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987392022
Date : October 2012
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 43

Customer Reviews
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Romantic and hot
don't know anything about gypsies in England, and I thought the pretty caravans and horses had disappeared long ago. This story shows something different, with a gypsy man living with a foot in both worlds. He has a horse and caravan, but writes ebooks. He is also sexy, and can cook. A very romantic setting for this story, which gets delightfully hot at the end. Loved it! ~ Netti

Another hit!
Gypsy is another romantic short story with just the right amount of erotica from JG at Yellow Silk Dreams! I read in one setting and enjoyed every minute of it! ~Karma

Another beautifully erotic tale from one of my favourite authors. Jaqueline describes situations and settings in a way that pulls you in and makes you believe you are watching the action. Just wonderful. ~ Gemma Parkes

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Jacqueline George

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