Working for Jeremy
Jacqueline George

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What do you do when a rich and attractive man offers you dinner and serious amounts of money to give him a very good time indeed? That is the dilemma facing Shirley when she moves to London and takes a new job. Naturally she is dismissive, but when she understands just how much money the big, tough Aussie office manager earns for her evenings out, she starts to change her mind.
Unfortunately, keeping the boss happy is not as easy as it looks...

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
Date : March 2013
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 55

Customer Reviews
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Funny, lovable, sexy and coy...
...Now onto the story, Working with Jeremy was an experience. The three main characters are funny, lovable, sexy and coy, left this reviewer positively damp during the sex scenes. ...a well rounded, sexy package. ~
Hot and bothered!
I really enjoyed this story. It seemed so real, and I could not put it down. Erotic and a little adventurous, it left me a touch hot and bothered!  ~ Anon

Jacqueline George

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