Falling into Queensland
Jacqueline George

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Shirley arrives in Port Bruce straight from the rainy streets of London. She has come to claim the house her late uncle and is immediately welcomed into the town of strange Queenslanders. She meets Marilyn, a strong woman who drives trucks and sews leather for a living. Marilyn takes her under her wing and introduces her to a community of bikies and its leader, Japan, a commanding and vicious man.
But Shirley inadvertently crosses Japan and becomes the focus of his venom. Shirley, Marilyn and their friends will need to fight for everything they have ever dreamed of, even their lives Because Japan never forgives or forgets.

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987169518
Date : February 2014
Edition : ebook, print
Pages : 226

Customer Reviews
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Sucked me in like mangrove mud...
This book sucked me in like mangrove mud. I felt the heat, the sticky sweaty atmosphere and the mosquitoes. As a Pom, I remember so clearly my first thoughts on the Far North and it describes Shirley's reactions so well. I love how it totally captures the spirit and personality of the Port Bruce characters. The description of bouncing over the corrugations and the dust settling on the leaves was almost visceral for me - well done. ~ Diane Finlay, Find Publishing

Absolutely loved it!
I think I have read all Jacqueline George's books and, as always, I eagerly looked forward to what comes next. Again, Jacqueline did not let me down. I absolutely loved her new book Falling Into Queensland. Jacqueline takes you on a tropical adventure, this time to Far Forth Queensland, a journey Shirley and her friends will never forget. I felt like I stepped back in time to a small, local town that has as many surprises as crocodiles in the river. I wonder where Jacqueline will take me next. ~ Aneta, Turza Wielka
Far North Queensland - a secret paradise
If you've ever wanted to REALLY get a feel of our lives up here in Paradise, read this book. Moves at a cracking, sweaty pace!! I feel if Shirley was a real person I would find her in Port Bruce, so easily, from the clever, descriptive writing Jacqueline always brings to her novels. ~ Annabel Gold
Well worth a look
Having intimate knowledge of the locations and personality types that this 'fictional' novel explores, I recommend this book to anyone who might enjoy a bit of escapist relief from the silly world of reality TV, or mindless twittering of modern social media. Well worth a look. ~ Serge Petelin, Cooktown

The pan will survive...
Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody good read - so good in fact, I burnt a pan of potatoes and sat here reading, wondering who the hell was having a bonfire!!
I think the pan will survive but it's fish‘n’chips for dinner. ~ A Lady from Cairns

Jacqueline George

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