Jacqueline and a Sexy Year
Jacqueline George

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Jacqueline George is a great thinker about women, men and sex. She lives in the Far North of Australia, in a remote village on the shores of the Coral Sea. It seems she has plenty of time to philosophise about life and romance, and over the past year she has distilled wit, wisdom and the story teller’s art into this sparkling collection. Great fun to dip into, and there is something for everyone.
History, modern society, art and the chance to laugh at ourselves make this a good read, and a very unusual gift for a friend. Possibly not a good present for your mother, unless she is as modern and fun-loving as Jacqueline!

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780987392091
Date : October 2012
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 64

Customer Reviews
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Fun, exciting, hot and very intriguing.
My favourite story is Jacqueline in Heels - I wonder what happened when her husband got back home... How naughty can you get definitely gave me few ideas and for more tips - thanks Jacqueline!
Definitely a great idea for a hot Christmas present :) ~ Netti

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Jacqueline George

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